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Image by Carissa Gan
Decreasing Number of Food Portions Consumed by an Adolescent Female withAutism
Gaby Chagolla & becky penrod
The current study evaluated the effectiveness of a treatment package including a behavior contract, brief portion selection training, and a food diary, to manage portion control in an adolescent female with autism
Further Evaluation of Contingency Modeling to Increase Consumption of Nutritive Foods in Children with Autism and Food Selectivity
Jenell flanagan, becky penrod, bryant silbaugh
The current study evaluated the effectiveness of contingency modeling with differential reinforcement of alternative behavior in increasing consumption of nonpreferred foods with three children with food selectivity and autism. 
Railroad Set
The Effects of a Self-Instruction Package and Group Training on Trial-Based Functional Analysis Administration
kristin griffith, jenifer price, becky penrod
This study examined the effects of a self-instruction package comprised of a task analysis data sheet, detailed written instructions, and a small group performance feedback training on the training of 12 undergraduate students to conduct trial-based functional analyses (TBFAs).
Sushi Night
An Evaluation of Sequential Meal Presentation with Picky Eaters
colleen whelan & becky penrod
In the current study, total meal presentation served as a baseline against which to compare the effects of an appetizer presentation method and subsequently sequential presentation (differential reinforcement). 
Synthesis of Applied Behavior Analytic Interventions for Packing in Pediatric Feeding Disorders
bryant silbaugh, samantha swinnea, becky penrod
This systematic review extends prior research by synthesizing characteristics of the packing intervention literature, evaluating the certainty of the evidence provided by studies, identifying potential directions for future research, and discussing the results in the context of evidence-based practice. 
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